Kate Gorman in residency – Week 3

Kate Gorman in residency – Week 3

Textile artist Kate Gorman is entering her third week in residency with Project Ability and updates us on her process.

“Today I will be getting out the fabric dyes and seeing how my piece will come together.  I have had some ideas for changes in the drawing over the weekend, and I will try to resolve the parts that aren’t satisfying, but for now I want to experiment with dye and get a bit messy. Here is a bit of the unresolved section I am working on this week.

My trip to the Tenement House was really informative and useful. I am sure that the Tenement House was grander than my Gram’s housing when she lived here in the early 1900’s, but it gave me an idea of how she lived.


I started stitching last week on a large piece that I brought from home. My train trip on Friday to Mallaig and the ferry over to Skye gave me plenty of time to sit and sew. It was hard, because the scenery was so lovely, and I kept wanting to take photos! I am so grateful for the excellent train service here in the UK. Back home I drive everywhere, no multitasking there!

This is a small section where I have started to stitch.

And here is a bit of island scenery…. The Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. You can see why I didn’t get much sewing accomplished!”


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