KEY commissions two artworks by Cameron Morgan

There are many ways to support Project Ability and our artists, whether you make a monthly or one-off donation, raise funds for us, or buy an artwork. KEY did just that, by specially commissioning two artworks from artist Cameron Morgan for one of their staff's retirement.

"Cameron is well known to many of us in KEY and has been for many years; indeed we, and Val in particular, have keenly followed the progress of his career across this time. Therefore, artwork from an artist as talented as Cameron and whose work demonstrates a clear love of Scotland and the Scottish outdoors seemed the perfect choice of gift to mark Val’s retirement, especially as she shares this passion and enthusiasm for Scotland’s landscapes.  As the photo shows, Val was absolutely delighted to receive 2 specially commissioned pieces by Cameron."

If you are thinking about commissioning some work from a Project Ability artist, please get in touch on 0141 552 2822 or

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