Ladysbridge Stories - January workshops

Thanks to the enthusiastic response of participants and their willingness to share their stories, we had yet another great session in Aberdeen. There were some new faces amongst the group which was great! 

In the morning session we discussed the idea of creating a map that references the history of the site, the wards and individual memories attached to them. We already had prepared an outline of the map which we put up on the wall to discuss how we can populate it. One thing we were quite keen on working together was the map key. Using certain locations like the farm, gardens, patients training area, we asked the participants to help us create a visual representations for these locations. Charles made a fantastic collage for the patients training area. Others have made great drawings of animals that were found within the grounds.

After lunch we worked a little bit more on the map’s key drawing, and dwelled more into people’s memories, making lists of things people would like to add onto the map. In the afternoon we also had a visit from Alastair Minty who had worked in ladysbridge hospital in the late 80's. Most of the participants knew Alastair very well and were very keen to talk to him. Davie has prepared questions for him and we did a great round table interview / discussion with Alastair. This has been a fantastic opportunity for the ex patients to share their side of the story and ask questions. Also a great opportunity to find out more about the work Alastair has been doing over the years and how his time at ladysbridge hospital affected his career.

The next workshops will be on Thursday 15th February in C-Change Aberdeen. 

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