Launch of the ReConnect website

Last Thursday, tutor Joanna Peace and the ReConnect artists launched the ReConnect website, showcasing artworks and texts. Artist and photographer Simon McAuley has been very involved with the project, and we asked him to give us an insight on his experience.

"Working on the new Reconnect website has been such a great experience. Over the period of a few months we have learnt so much. Setting up artists' pages with photographic images of the work, involved documenting, uploading editing and formatting. It wasn’t all paintings and drawings. There was a real mix of mediums and documenting methods, from straight forward, with an emphasis on high quality, sharp and neutral documentation; to more experimental, creative contextualising. Editing was kept to a minimum and applied equally across all, to maintain consistency.

I learnt a lot as the official photographer. Using different methods and working with mediums such as sculpture and jewellery for the first time. It was great to see the finished images uploaded into the new website.
Quite a bit of time was dedicated to understanding the website template and learning how to create pages, portfolios, and blog entries. As time passed the website began to grow, and more and more artists brought work to be documented. It was great to see artists in the studio bringing work from home, which had previously been private, now getting exposure. Sometimes the work being documented threw up challenges. After a straight forward approach, created images which were somewhat lacking, a more experimental process began. Showing the work in a new light, from a fresh perspective and creating images as part of a more collaborative effort."

-Simon McAuley

Many thanks to everybody who attended the event, and to Joanna for the cake!

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