Lea Cummings is exhibiting in the Unlimited R&D Sharings

Lea Cummings is exhibiting in the Unlimited R&D Sharings

On Thursday 27 November 2014. Project Ability artist Lea Cummings and the other Scottish artists awarded 2014 R&D commissions by Unlimited will see their work exhibited in Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Lea Cummings
“To open the eternal worlds, to open the immortal eyes” Blake
27 November, 2pm – Artist talk
27 November, 11am-5pm – Video installation (Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall)
Lea Cummings is a performer, visual artist, musician and filmmaker based in Glasgow.  His work utilises distortion, time, archetypes, ritual, altered states and the subconscious.

Aidan Moesby and Pum Dunbar
Fragmenting the Code(x)
27 November, 3pm – Artist talk
25-27 November, 11am-5pm – Installation (Basement Galleries, Summerhall)
‘A conversation spoken in real time and processed in another.’ Aidan (Bipolar) and Pum (Autistic) experience the world as outsiders, using personalised internal dialogue to navigate the everyday. Fragmenting the Code(x) explores and responds to the linguistic and social codes of the public world.

Sonia Allori with Drake Music
Seasons 4.0
27 November, 4pm – Artist talk
Seasons 4.0 is an ongoing project inspired by Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’. In August 2014, the composer Sonia Allori and the choreographer Sheron Wray devised a new performance for electro-acoustic music and contemporary dance, reimagining Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ movement.  They worked with the technologist Fleeta J Chew Siegel and the dramaturg Danny Braverman.  The work is commissioned by Drake Music.

Simon Fildes
27 November, 5pm – Artist talk
Through research and development, Simon is exploring the theme of physical exhaustion testing a sequence of short stop-frame animation with 3D printed models. Contrasting the flawlessness of the technology with the struggle of the model to perform, this work aims to highlight the difficulty of achieving perfection in a world that moves fast, increasingly straining the interface between humans and the natural world.

The works have all been created with the support of R&D funding from Unlimited via Creative Scotland.

Please RSVP to verity@summerhall.co.uk, letting them know about any access requirements.

Photo: Lea Cummings, The View from Within.

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