Learning Disability Week - Artwork of the Day 4

Finding inspiration from the iconic sea cave on Scotland's uninhabited island of Staffa, 'Fingal's Cave' by Aspire artist Scott Smith is our Artwork of the Day, on day 4 of Learning Disability Week 2014!

The cave is named after the eponymous hero of the epic poem 'Fingal' by 18th-century Scots poet-historian James Macpherson. Scott's abstract depiction of the cave has an engaging simplicity as well as an appreciation of the natural beauty and melancholy tenderness of the ancient legend. 

"Eth! descend from the streams of Lena Caolt, stretch thy side as thou movest along the whistling heath of Mora: thy side that is white as the foam of the troubled sea, when the dark winds pour it on rocky Cuthon."
Fingal: An Ancient Epic Poem, The Poetical Works of Ossian, Macpherson 1761

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