Media Co-op releases a documentary about the Project Ability writing group

Last year, the Project Ability writing group worked with artist Joanna Peace and poet Anthony Autumn to produce a podcast, which was then broadcast during the Radiophrenia festival. During the making of the podcast, Media Co-op filmed the process and made a four minute documentary about it. In it, people who’ve never made sound art before, never been on the radio before, and never made films before, reveal their own creativeprocess – with courage, frankness and humour.

Jane, a Project Ability participant said “I hate it when things are patronising; but the thing about Project Ability is, you are not there as a person who has mental health problems, with a
label over you. You are there as an artist. For me what this whole thing has been about is my work is recognised as valid. It’s not an experience I’ve often had."

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