Meet the Intern – Adrianne Calgie

Meet the Intern – Adrianne Calgie

Adrianne Calgie recently started her 12 week internship as our Film Assistant, and has already proved a great addition to the Project Ability team! She has been meeting with artists, staff, and will work towards producing interviews and films showcasing our workshops. She will write a weekly blog about her experience with us every Friday. Until then, let her introduce herself:

“I graduated with a BA in Digital Film and Television in 2012, originally specialising in editing before changing to sound. Since then I’ve worked on a freelance basis, picking up assisting jobs in the sound departments of the film and television industry. I began to feel that this wasn’t offering me much of a creative challenge, and I wanted something that would allow me to use more than one part of my degree.

After a busy but fun stint volunteering at Glasgow Film Festival, I realised I wanted to work in an environment where I could actually have an input and work on a variety of projects. When the Film Assistant role came up through the SCVO Eligibility Internship scheme, I jumped at the chance: here was an organisation working towards a great cause, making film and the creative arts accessible to young people and adults with disabilities. I’d get to work with the different workshop groups, make film content to document my experience and the work of Project Ability and get to work in a varied workplace where there was always something going on.
When I was initially offered the job, I was a bit apprehensive that I’d forgotten everything I learned about film making outside of sound recording. Thankfully I was given time to familiarise myself with the equipment and play with cameras and editing software.

On my first day, I was sent out with the walking group on a gallery visit, which gave me a chance to meet artists outside of the workshop setting: it was a great way of getting to know everyone quickly, as I often feel like you can have the best talks when out for a walk and taking in the scenery, and everyone’s a bit more relaxed.
Since then I’ve made some (really rough!) short video diaries, attended the Young Talent on Screen Festival at the GFT, went on a day trip to Troon, met what feels like hundreds of incredibly talented artists and read and heard some really inspirational stories.

I helped out with the Introduction to Film workshop on Wednesday evening and was seriously impressed by the kids’ technical abilities and creative energy. I even had to ask them to show me how the animation software worked!
Additionally, I’ve learned a lot about the business side of things, such as marketing, exhibition, operations, volunteer coordination and running programmes. I didn’t get much chance to study this at uni, so it’s great to get practical experience and first-hand information. The next ten weeks are going to fly in as I’ve got a huge task ahead of me and a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!”

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