Meet the Volunteer – Stephanie Gaumond

Meet the Volunteer – Stephanie Gaumond

Our first Meet the Volunteers of the year is focusing on the fantastic Stephanie Gaumond, who has made a big contribution to our Aspire workshops.

‘It has been such a pleasure being involved in Project Ability and the Aspire programme on Tuesdays. As a volunteer I’ve been easily welcomed by the staff as well as the artists who attend. I’ve found it so inspiring to be able to assist the artists with their own work while having the opportunity to share some of my knowledge as a printmaker with them. Specifically, it’s been a pleasure to do some screen printing and etching with some of the artists. 

I was originally inspired to volunteer because I feel as though Project Ability is an organisation who understands the power and necessity of art in our society, especially for people who naturally have a different way of seeing our world. Also, as a printmaker I was so pleased that printmaking was one of the mediums that was utilized. One of my greatest joys volunteering with Project Ability is that I’ve been able to share as well as learn. My personal practice explores the conventions used to describe human experience; conventions such as words and visual languages used to share information. Through the Aspire programme I’ve been able to experience first hand the creative urge and the power of communication through means other than words. The artists have inspired me and I hope to cultivate more of it myself.’

Thank you Stephanie!

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