Meet the Volunteers - Aelfred de Sigley

This week introducing Aelfred de Sigley, Aelfred has been volunteering with us on Saturday mornings working with our youngest participant in our ‘Create’ programme. His contribution to the group has been invaluable, working one to one with many of our children during the course of the last 8 weeks. His input has been very much appreciated by both the children and the Saturday staff and we are all looking forward to the next block of workshops with him on board.

"After having been aware of project ability for some time I visited the workshops one afternoon and was overwhelmed by its sense of genuine openness and creativity. I am a recent graduate from Fine Art Photography and my desire to volunteer with Project Ability is a holistic extension of a belief I have in my own practice that authorship and interpretation are interchangeable positions. Further, I feel they are necessary and open positions by which we navigate our world and its symbolic order and a belief that creativity makes up an integral and embodied part of engagement with others and the phenomenal world.  A process of grounding within a social context, which is at once basic in the need to communicate and forms our most complex imaginative functions in the play of inner and outer worlds that we occupy.  Exploration through the individualistic creative process can be both intensely vulnerable and a form of non-verbal communication involving the full complexity of ourselves as individuals and how we connect and are affirmed within a social context.

To engage with these young people, has so far been a process of being regularly invited through participation and an open interpretative process into the worlds, concerns and creative imaginations of the young people coming to the Saturday morning Create workshops. The works that are produced on the page, canvas, modelled in clay etc. are also introductions into each individuals' world. Individuals who are often so present, genuinely innovative and critically playful with the world around them that it is difficult not to be drawn into their enquiry and be challenged by how they look and imagine. The way in which they intemperate and rearrange the cultural world around us is fascinating and I often find myself enthralled by the freedom with which they use gesture and language to build a complex world within the medium that they are working.

The Saturday Create workshops have become return to the building of an engagement with each of the individuals' concerns in a creative/interpretative conversation around their practice.  Getting to know some of these individuals and their creative output has itself been a very involved process, from which I leave each week with the feeling of having been invited into the different, complex and unabashed worlds. To play a role in their sincere and open developing practice is a privilege and invitation to take part in the same sincere and open spirit."

Project Abilty would like to thank Aelfred and all our volunteers for their time, commitment and enthusiasm - a great contribution to the programme! 

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