Meet the Volunteers – Andro Grdinic

Meet the Volunteers-Andro Grdinic

This week, please meet another of our fantastic volunteers: Andro Grdinic, who has been an invaluable addition to our Create workshops.

‘I chose to volunteer at Project Ability as a part of my specialisation at the teaching course which was a lot about inclusion and ‘thinking outside of the box’. When we were given the option to do anything we wanted I immediately thought of Project Abilitiy’s exhibitions, where all great artworks weren’t labelled with different diagnosis. I actually couldn’t tell if those artworks were just any children’s art or not. Visual arts are definitely a field were disabled children can express themselves equally and Create workshops definitely prove that.

Very soon I understood that these kids communicate constantly and it was just a matter of understanding them. Tutors, parents and other volunteers helped me a lot by demonstrating various ways to achieve this and so immediately involved me as well.
There is a great mixture of children in groups and not all of them necessarily have the same type of disability, but when we’re working with them these differences just disappear.

I’ve learned a lot from children in the workshops, probably much more than I taught them and it was a great experience for understanding myself as well.  I’m hoping to be able to apply my experiences in the mainstream schools where children quite often end up a bit excluded.’

​Thanks Andro

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