Meet the Volunteers: Antonia Spagnoletti



This week, let us introduce you to Antonia Spagnoletti, who has been volunteering with our young 6-12yrs filmmakers on Wednesdays.

"I have always had a passion for the Arts. During my childhood, I spent most of my time engaging with the arts in some form or another, attending classes weekly in an array of art forms ranging from painting and drawing to dancing and theatre. My self-confidence has grown in direct relation to my appreciation and understanding of the arts.  As an adult, I found myself drawn to visual media and I achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Photography at Edinburgh Napier University in 2011. The arts have become an integral part of my life now and I have been developing my practice ever since, working on some fantastic creative projects and even exhibiting my work internationally.

For me, imagery is a very powerful thing. you can express and inspire so much from an image, it opens discussion, challenges perceptions and can conjure up vivid emotions or memories. As a firm supporter of the arts as an important positive contributor to self-development and personal growth, I believe that the arts provide us with models to think differently, work differently and assist us in relating to each other.

I am currently involved with the Create workshop - Introduction to Film for 6-12 year olds. I wanted to be able to support other peoples’ creative practice whilst igniting their passion for the Arts, just as I was inspired when I was young. It is my favourite part of the week, being able to work with such free artists. I love to see their approach to creative working, and it’s really rewarding to see them get as excited about developing and exploring creativity as I do. It’s also been an invaluable and informative experience for me too, particularly in my own approach to creativity. Volunteering with Project Ability is a great opportunity to learn just as much as you are there to help and I look forward to being part of many more projects to come."

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