Meet the Volunteers: Clare Marks

For our last Meet the Volunteers of 2013, we would like to introduce you to the brilliant Clare Marks, who has been helping out with our film workshops.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our fabulous volunteers this year, you have all been a wonderful help and a pleasure to work with! There will be new volunteers opportunities coming up very soon, so keep an eye on the website.

‘I have had so much fun working with the young filmmakers at project ability! I have wanted to volunteer at Project Ability for some time, and now I have had the chance to be an assistant producer, model-maker, camerawoman and voiceover artist! I’ve been involved in making sci-fi, drama, comedy, action, it has been an absolute pleasure to get to do this.
The group I worked with are passionate, imaginative and talented, with a specific interest in making artworks onscreen, and all that surrounds the world of film-making. What a crew, I feel like this is an Oscar speech!

I graduated from GSA in Environmental Art in 2012, and wanted to make use of my video and audio making skills somehow. I contacted Project Ability to see how I could get involved and was pleased to learn about Young Talent on Screen. This is a really exciting workshop for young people to learn about the filmmaking process, through group work, discussion and experimentation. There is room here to have fun, but also to progress professionally, with goals such as appearing in film festivals. It has been inspiring to watch the creative process, individually and within the group. I can’t wait to do more!’
- Clare Marks

Thank you Clare, and thank you to all our fantastic volunteers of 2013!

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