Meet the Volunteers: Fiona Byrne Sutton



The new block of our volunteering programme started a few weeks ago, and our volunteers are already proving invaluable! Want to know a bit more about them? This week, let's meet Fiona Byrne Sutton.

Fiona graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2008 with a BA(hons) in Ceramic Design. Since graduating she has continued to develop her own studio practices, working specifically with coloured clays, particularly black as she enjoys the challenges of producing work with this colour.

As part of her process she digs her own clay, sourcing it from her own flower beds in Glasgow and across the central belt of Scotland. Theses clay fire in hues of orange and Fiona also embeds local plants and flowers into the pieces she creates. She believes this gives her work a sense of place and therefore describes her work as ‘Folk Art’ because the narrative in her work comes from the location.

As well as her own practice, Fiona has worked with a number of diverse groups. She worked in Clackmannanshire in a rural setting encouraging adults and children of all abilities to source their own clay. Fiona has also worked with Artlink Central and a number of local schools. She is currently the exhibitions co-ordinator for the Scottish Potters Association.

We are delighted to have Fiona volunteering with us. She is stationed in our ceramic room on Wednesdays, supporting our participants from across the Aspire and Connect programme to create in clay.




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