Meet the Volunteers: Gillian Datlen



This week, meet Gillian Datlen, who has been a great addition to the Art Matters team.

"I started at Project Ability in January and have been volunteering on the Art Matters project on a Saturday evening.

Although I have a lot of experience working with children in schools, working with adults has given me a very different, valuable experience. It has been such a rewarding time for me and I have enjoyed meeting and working with the creative individuals who participate. Each person has their own style, unique ideas and very different approaches to their work so it’s great to facilitate this without structuring each week as a lesson. I have been extremely impressed at the quality of work being produced and the skills of the young people, some of whom have been attending Project Ability workshops from a young age. This is proof of how successful Project Ability is, not only for enhancing skills but for providing individuals with an artistic outlet, and ultimately, improving their confidence."

Thank you from all of us at Project Ability for your hard work!


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