Meet the Volunteers: Janice Curless



This week, our Meet the Volunteers series focuses on Janice Curless, who volunteers on Saturdays for our Create visual arts classes.

Janice graduated from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen in 1998 with a BA(hons) Fine Art.  Since graduating she has gained much experience working with a variety of groups to support others to make art.  One such organisation is Mindspace, an arts and health project in Aberdeen, where she was responsible for designing and delivering a programme of activities to inspire their participants to be creative.  As well as this she also works for Thistle Housing Association as a workshop leader, planning and leading art workshops for children.

Janice says of her own practice:

“Through the arts we have the opportunity to express our impression of life in a memorable way. I create images which reflect a personal space and time and esteem people and places of choice. I draw inspiration from close observation of my immediate environment.  

 From 2008-2010, I was artist in residence at a health centre in Inverurie and I lived just outside a small village called Tarves. I was surrounded by a very arable landscape, where the fields all had a function. It was interesting to watch the slow process of growth and harvest, which bettered my understanding of this place and its relation to the wider production and distribution market.

 What I enjoyed the most was the amazing 24 hour skies and an uncultivated field - a small patch of land which separated my house from the village. The field became imprinted in my memory through regular everyday experiences, the wildness of the subject adds to its complexity and I found it refreshing to observe something which was indigenous to the landscape.

Perseverance and patience are essential for each new creative project contains different challenges. The inspiring influence of people and music allows passion to drive what I do and goes towards making a piece of art more interesting. I am currently producing new work on a botanical theme for an exhibition at House For an Art Lover in August this year.”

Janice has been a much appreciated addition to our Saturday Create workshops where she has supported our young people to develop their own practice.  The donation of her time has benefited both the workshop tutors and the participants alike.


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