Meet the Volunteers: Julia Scott



This week, meet Julia Scott, who volunteers in our Create programme.

"I first discovered Project Ability when I moved here, 4 years ago. I knew then that I wanted to be involved somehow. Currently I volunteer in the Create workshops with children aged 5 – 12. Working there is the most extraordinary, (in the literal sense of the word) and solid point in my week. There is something genuinely magic and yet totally regular happening simultaneously there, that is very hard to describe. It is awe-inspiring. The children are totally unguarded and honest, which next to the culturally learned behaviour of most adults makes them totally radical to be around. The children respond so genuinely to suggestions, that I am very aware of my affect on a person or a situation. Every week is a reminder of the potential of interaction.

My practice is predominantly performative, it involves voice, music, movement, ceramics, film, and text. It is self-reflexive and critical of the cultural environment in which it is situated, it is also very responsive to my communities. I intend to challenge preconceived ideas and conventions regarding expectation, behaviour and value, in relation to art and music. Often I use the relationship between the performer and the audience to explore these ideas. It is therefore important that I am very responsive to the situation; spending every Saturday morning in heavy negotiation with the children is encouraging me to take more risks.

Alongside my art practice I am in several bands, Thoth, Gropetown, Fem Bitch Nation and Palms, I play drums, guitar and sing. I also co facilitate a voluntary ran organisation called Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) who provides a space for people to learn, teach and partake in movement related workshops, in Glasgow, for free. G.O.D.S value collective learning and responding to your body over individual excellence and technique, and anyone is encouraged to come along."

A big thank you to Julia for her time and energy!



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