Meet the Volunteers: Katie Hawson



This week, let us introduce you to Katie Hawson, who has been a wonderful addition to the Create team. 

"Having recently graduated from Glasgow School of Art, where in my final year, art became the most stressful element in my life, I felt I needed to be reminded that in reality art can be not only therapeutic but actually fun. Having volunteered now for a few weeks with the Saturday morning Create workshops, the children and staff at Project Ability have done just that. In the workshops there is a sense of excitement with the environment lending itself well to enriching everyone’s experience of art, encouraging equality and freedom of expression. The passion of the young people, the sheer concentration and their ability to show enthusiasm for a project over a number of weeks is quite remarkable, however the most valuable aspect of these workshops is sheer amount of fun both staff, volunteers and children have when working together.

Within my own practice I'm interested in the perception of reality and use my work to create conspicuous, esoteric images that suggest a narrative that isn't there. Working mainly within printmaking I often become heavily involved in the practical aspects of the medium as a whole. Since graduating I have been involved in a number of group shows and have recently shown my work in a small solo show at the Brunswick. Overall Project Ability has shown me how to approach my own work without giving myself any limitations. Although I'm on this blog as a volunteer for Project Ability, where in theory I should be telling you about how I've been helping others at the workshops, in reality it's those I have met at the workshops who have been helping me."

Thank you from all of us, Katie!

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