Meet the Volunteers- Katie McInnes

Meet the Volunteers- Katie McInnes

After five years based in London I returned to live in my home city of Glasgow last year and I wanted to find a way to reconnect with my community. It was this that drew me to Project Ability and a creative environment that would allow me to help others explore themselves through the act of making, and through friendship.

I began volunteering with the Art Matters group on a Saturday afternoon and was soon finding my way thanks to the other volunteers and students, despite an early tussle with a large overhead projector! Each week we would build on the achievements of the last, trying to give guidance and encouragement as we went. I am a textile designer who works mainly with hand embroidery and weave, so I am only too aware of the enthralling pleasure of creativity and I have enjoyed sharing this experience with others, and every week I have left this wonderful place of sanctuary hidden high above the city feeling inspired and nourished!

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