Meet the Volunteers - Kevin Stewart Cantwell

This week, please meet artist Kevin Stewart Cantwell, who has been volunteering with our Create workshops on Saturdays.

"I graduated in 2014 from the University of West of Scotland, with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Art Practice. I have been a self-employed commercial artist since 2004, I took the decision to return to education in 2010, to get an improved understanding of what the best way to use my creativity, which could be a benefit by help others in a creative environment. The passing on of creative skills is an essential part of my practice along with the use of recycled materials that supports the environment.   

I have always respected Project Ability and support the values which they encourage. As a volunteer there, I feel part of magnificent community based organisation, the opportunity has given me first-hand experience of the impact that art and creativity can have on all of us.
All the staff, tutors and volunteers make everyone who attends the workshops feel so welcome in the studio space. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity of sharing my knowledge and passion with the other artists and I am looking forward to the next block of workshops.

In getting to know everyone who is part of Project Ability, I have been given an unlimited opportunity to learn from them. They have educated me in so many new ways, from working in ceramics to communicating with and assisting the young people’s individual needs. I have found that being in such a creative environment is of a great advantageous for those involved, and each time I leave the studio I feel inspired by all the people who get so much joy from their own artistic inspirations.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity and experience with an exceptionally worthwhile organisation, such as the Project Ability community workshops. Thank you"

Thank you Kevin!

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