Meet the Volunteers – Maya Kincaid

Meet the Volunteers – Maya Kincaid

This week we are delighted to introduce Maya Kincaid, who has been volunteering with the Create programme. Maya has been a fantastic addition to our Saturday workshops team and shares some of her reflections with us here.

“I had heard about Project Ability’s fantastic work so much within my research and was really excited to finally get the opportunity to volunteer with them!
Within my own practice, I collaborate with children one to one and in small group settings. I am a strong believer in encouraging the natural creativity of young people and in directing / controlling their making as little as possible. I believe that children and young people are some of the most inspiring artists and consider their work to be more relevant an inspiration to me than many historical and contemporary established artists.
I have been part of the Create workshops on a Saturday afternoon and I think I have learnt so much more from the young artists than they have from me. It is an enriching experience to watch such a vast variation of free expression and to see how beneficial creativity can be as part of healthy communication. Not only am I in awe of the work produced but it is also an amazing social experience to sit and talk to so many individuals that I wouldn’t necessarily get the opportunity to meet in other settings. I have had some really great conversations with the artists and learnt about a lot of specialist things such as the prop making industry, international animation and traditional motor-cars, which are things I knew nothing about before starting this position.

I am in my final year of study in Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art and having a participatory practice that focuses on children and young people can make it difficult to find direct artists research. I feel like working with the Create groups has been far more insightful creatively for me and I learn so much when working directly with artists and watching their artistic visions unfold. I think that watching the range of uninhibited making alongside meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, I have learnt the merit that both approaches have when making work and I definitely reference these observations when working with children within my own practice. There is nothing more exciting to me about this world of participation than the joy of sharing communication with insightful individuals whilst simultaneously creating exciting visual art. What Project Ability provides for the community is so essential and I have loved being a part of that.”

Thank you Maya

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