Meet the Volunteers – Nadine Khatib

Meet the Volunteers – Nadine Khatib

Since the beginning of our volunteering programme, we have been lucky enough to work with really motivated, enthusiastic and skilled people. Meet the Volunteers is our way to let you know a bit more about the talented individuals who have given their time and energy to Project Ability and our participants. We are very grateful for every single one of our volunteers! This week, please meet Nadine Khatib, who has been a great addition to our Create team.

“Since graduating with a Master in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art, my work has been focused on design, illustration, and the grey area in between, especially in relation to interaction and creating personal experiences of design and visual communication. This emphasis on the practical experience of creating and interpreting is what led me to want to work with others in a workshop learning environment.

I got involved with Project Ability because I wanted to help foster artists’ talent who may have difficulty communicating in the ‘traditional’ ways, and enable them to develop creatively from a young age. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, and I feel privileged to have had the chance to get to know the kids in the Create workshops. The group is always full of ideas and ready to make new work! Their creativity and spontaneity has in turn inspired me, and I suspect the experience will continue to have an impact on my work for years to come.”

If you would like to volunteer with us, please click here for more info. We also have opportunities for our ReSearch Room collaborative project, please click here to know more.

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