Meet the Volunteers – Nancy Haslam-Chance

Meet the Volunteers – Nancy Haslam-Chance

The next block of workshops will start in a few weeks, and our amazing volunteers will be back in the studios! Nancy Haslam-Chance is one of the recent art graduates who joined the Project Ability community earlier this year, and she has been a wonderful addition to our Create workshops. Here she tells us more about her practice and her experience with us.

 “I graduated last year from the Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Communication Design, specialising in Illustration. Since then I have enjoyed having the time to balance my own practice as an artist with volunteering. I have been working with young people on Saturdays at Project Ability and it has been fantastic learning about each of their individual personalities and interests through collaborative approaches to making art.

My own work at the moment is about playgrounds and the importance of children’s play in inner cities and post-industrial landscapes. I am interested in how we can use our cities and towns in more playful ways. I enjoy combining drawings done on location, with drawings from memory and imagination, and blurring the line between what could be real and what is purely fantastical.

I have been impressed at how the young people are so playful about creating art. They take risks, turning accidental marks into decisive ones and aren’t scared of working on large scales or experimenting with different materials. They are decisive, wasting no time. In one hour blank canvases are transformed into pieces of fearless and amazing art. The young people are proud of their creations, leaving the studios feeling happy and empowered. I have learnt so much from them, and when I sit down at my desk to draw or open my sketchbook I feel less anxious and self-conscious, and more spontaneous and curious!

I look forward to the next block of sessions.”

Thanks Nancy!

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