Meet the volunteers: Nina Wesolowski

To kick start this blocks ‘Meet the Volunteer’ feature, we would like to introduce Nina Wesolowski.  Nina has been volunteering with us on Saturday afternoons, working with our young people in our ‘Create’ workshops. 

"I graduated from Glasgow School of Art 2010 in Fine Art Photography.  During my final year at art school I was heavily involved in establishing a community project in Woodlands which involved seeking funding for and then building a community garden in a derelict gapsite alongside local volunteers.  Since graduating, I have been employed in various roles within the garden and instigated a variety of artistically driven side projects.  

 My practice is concerned with connecting art with social issues surrounding ownership, commonality, compromise, power, inclusion and sustainability. I think the role of artist is a complicated concept that can take on a variety of hats and guises but is an amazing place to stand in order to explore possibly and change.  

I am also studying community development and was drawn to Project Ability as it shares similar values about empowerment and equality and it’s a wonderful space where all means of communication are as valid as each other.  I love being involved in an environment that encourages a sense of freedom that builds confidence and draws out potential, enabling people to make art through reflection, celebration and self-determination.  


The sense of concentration, engrossment and passion of the young people in their artwork is really inspiring and the unquestionable purpose of art always seems so obvious, honest and really joyful when I leave on a Saturday afternoon!"

Nina and all of our new volunteers this round has been fantastic so far, their good work is very much appreciated by staff and participants alike.

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