Meet the Volunteers – Samantha Penrice

Meet the Volunteers – Samantha Penrice

Our first Meet the Volunteer this year focuses on the brilliant Samantha Penrice, who has been a great addition to our Create team.

“Project Ability is definitely an experience worthwhile. I myself started out doing the Reconnect programme. The Reconnect programme for me was great, I learned new techniques and skills. I have always been very in to art, from day one. Art has been a saving grace for me, it’s the one thing that’s remained consistent in my life. I myself have Aspergers, so art for me is a way to relax, be myself and feel comfortable in my own abilities.

Recently I have started volunteering for Project Ability on the Create Programme, working with young children. It has been incredible so far, I feel I can show and teach the children the skills, techniques and designs I have learned in life myself easily. Each day with these children is an experience, not only are you teaching these children, but they are also teaching you in return.  Every child I feel in a way I can relate, knowing myself how life can be a struggle in certain aspects, and how simply coming to the create classes makes them feel great. Being able to pass on my own knowledge about textiles, jewellery design, interior design, mixed media etc, makes you feel better in yourself, just knowing that you have shown and taught a skill new to that child, it is priceless. I hope to continue on learning and teaching more and more, to one day become a qualified teacher myself. I hope from my experience, you will want to start your own, with Project Ability.”

Thank you Samantha!

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