Meet the Volunteers – Sarah-Kate Goodwin

Meet the Volunteers – Sarah-Kate Goodwin

The first block of workshops this year is almost over, and our volunteers have been settling in brilliantly! They will all be back for the next block, and we’re delighted to share their experience with you via this blog. For this year’s first Meet the Volunteers, let us introduce you to Sarah-Kate Goodwin, who has been a fantastic addition to our Create team.

“With an education in the fine Arts and an interest in the relationship between human interaction and creative exploration I was very excited to be given the opportunity to volunteer with Project Ability. Feeling a bit nervous about how helpful I could be I was quickly put at ease by the children and young adults taking part in the Create workshops.

From sharing my own passion, skills and experience of art practices I have been rewarded with much more than I could have hoped for. Every week I learn something new from the experienced tutors and the many talented artists within the group. The enthusiasm and creativity present in the workshops are invigorating and not long after I had walked through the door did I find myself feeling like part of the furniture.  I have met so many interesting, unique and talented individuals who continue to inspire me every week and encourage me to experiment, play and explore my own art practice more honestly and freely.

Project Ability is a safe haven and a creative hub which provides a glorious space for individuals to come together and express themselves through many art resources.
I will be sad when my time comes to an end but it will always remain as one of my greatest experiences and I hope to continue working in this field in the future.

Thank you to everyone involved, I am having so much fun,


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