Meet the Volunteers – Sarah Laing

Meet the Volunteers – Sarah Laing

This week, we would like to introduce you to Sarah Laing, who has been volunteering with our Create Saturday Classes.

“I decided to volunteer with Project Ability after hearing about it from friends who had worked there. They had developed a great attachment and loyalty to the organisation, and it had made a real impact on their own art practice.

I graduated from Art School 9 years ago, but recently took a break from art-making, feeling dissatisfied. At Project Ability, I have connected with a completely different artistic community than I have previously worked with. It is a community that provides motivation and inspiration to broaden my own practice, and where I can encourage expression and creative communication from others.

Project Ability provides an array of excellent facilities under one roof that would be difficult to find elsewhere. These allow people to explore art in many different ways. Participants are encouraged to work freely and I have especially enjoyed the times when someone creates something that is outside of what they imagined they would be able to achieve. Within the space, art introduces cultural dialogue and is a means to express personal interests and develop social skills. The sessions can feel much shorter than they are. Some weeks, there has been less reason to participate in object making as there has to become involved in whatever conversation is happening. Other days I have found myself silently engrossed in a group project or being an artist assistant.

Through volunteering and collaboration, I can use art-making as an entry point into learning about a wide scope of external subjects which can, in turn, reinforce and influence my art work. I work flexible hours, giving me long periods of available time in between periods of work. I find real value in spending this time working directly with others and volunteering for an organisation whose main concern is cultivating an inclusive art making community and enhancing creative awareness.”

Many thanks Sarah!

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