Meet the Volunteers – Sheena Russell

Meet the Volunteers – Sheena Russell

This week, let us introduce you to Sheena Russell, who has been a fantastic addition to our Create Saturday Visual Arts workshops.

‘Volunteering with Project Ability is great fun.  When I started I was quite nervous, as it was a while since I worked on an art workshop but everyone in the Create sessions is very welcoming.  The young people that participate in these workshops are there because they love to make art; their passion really comes across in their work.  For someone like me who is used to a conceptual environment it is liberating to see these young people create work so freely.

I graduated 2 years ago from the Fine Art course at University of Cumbria, Carlisle.  What I really loved about my course was that we were encouraged not to take on a specialism and instead to constantly experiment with different techniques.  Project Ability’s studio has an impressive range of facilities, which gives so much freedom to play with different media.  I love to encourage people at Create to try new things and likewise I have learned a lot of techniques from them too.

These sessions feel more like a community than just a workshop.  Every week I have had a good giggle with the young participants, as well as making art there are always brilliant conversations about sci-fi films or bananas!  It has been great getting to know everyone as well as helping with their practice.

This opportunity has helped give me back my confidence to pursue art professionally.  Since starting I have found work with a lantern project, I am determined to find more opportunities and get back into my studio and make art because like the people at Create, that’s what I love to do.’

Thank you Sheena!

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