Meet the Volunteers – Silvia Osenda

Silvia Osenda

Please, meet Silvia Osenda, an amazing Italian student and artist who spent the last three months at Project Ability, assisting tutors and artists in our different programmes.

“I’m Silvia, a psychology student and jewellery artist from Turin and I came to Project Ability the 28th of June for a three month placement.

Since that day,  I have participated in lots of different activities: I arrived in time for the last two weeks of the Aspire summer workshops, then in July I had the chance to assist the ReConnect group  three times a week : they are such great artists ! I spent a week involved in a very interesting film workshop with teenagers, I had the opportunity to get to know Glasgow and its artists along with the walking group, and since the beginning of August I immersed myself into the wonderful world that is the Aspire programme.

It is now the end of September and it’s time for me to go back home… It’s so difficult to sum up or explain my experience, because I participated in so many different programmes. Each group and each artist needed a different kind of support, and they all taught me different  things.

I came to Project Ability because I was looking for an artistic opportunity to observe  and learn. I couldn’t have imagined a space so well equipped. I also had the chance to assist most of the tutors in the different programmes, and every one of them was so inspiring, with their energy, their gentlness and sensitivity, their patience and technique.

Mostly, what I learnt from the tutors is an enormous respect for every single decision made by the people they work with: what direction the artwork should take, colours and techniques.

Many thanks to all the artists because I’m coming back home with a backpack full of inspiration! And thank you to everyone in the staff who has always made me feel at home with their smiles!”

Thank you for everything Silvia!

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