Meet the Volunteers – Simon Worthington

Meet the Volunteers – Simon Worthington

This week, we are very pleased to introduce Simon Worthington, another of our fantastic volunteers! Simon has been a great addition to our ReConnect workshops.

“I was attracted to Project Ability by the consistently exciting gallery programme and shop. On my first visit to the studios I was overwhelmed by the creative and supportive atmosphere.

Volunteering at Project Ability has given me the opportunity to spend time in the studios and, using art as common ground, connect with people I might have otherwise never met.
Being out of education for a few years it is really good to be back in a communal creative environment, the level of insight into other artists’ practices is really valuable and I often find myself thinking ‘I can’t wait to try that when I get home.’ As a shared working space, Project ability couldn’t get much better. There is a sense that it is a place where many people come throughout the week and invest a lot of their creative and social energy, which contributes to an uplifting atmosphere.

Another thing that’s striking about Project Ability is the range of materials and facilities available, this ethos of quality and professionalism is really impressive and must contribute towards the atmosphere of pride felt by probably everyone involved. In the studios seemingly anything is possible.

I chose to work with a ReConnect group and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I very quickly felt at ease in the group and very welcome in the whole at Project Ability. The open plan nature of the space means you can’t go anywhere without a few smiles and ‘hello’s.

There is no visible structure to the classes which means you don’t assume a predetermined role. Whilst this might seem daunting initially, it allows everyone to be themselves and work with autonomy. Most of my time is spent chatting to the artists about this or that. I can’t offer much technical advice but enjoy talking about what work people find inspiring and why they think they’re drawn to making art. It’s great to see the same faces each week and watch their projects develop.
Celine, the tutor in our group is a master of facilitating a comfortable and informal environment- the importance of this over anything else is what I will take away from the experience.”

Thank you very much, Simon!

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