Meet the Volunteers: Steven Reilly and Tommy Mason



This week, meet two of our brilliant volunteers: Steven Reilly and Tommy Mason. Both artists have been attending our Aspire programme for many years, and are founding members of Art Trek. They are very involved with Project Ability, taking part in many projects, and have recently started volunteering with us as gallery invigilators.

When Steven hasn’t been busy painting for the SECC commission, he looks after the gallery on Thursdays afternoon, where he likes to spend his time sitting at the desk browsing the internet. ‘You can look at different things and you can learn a lot and you can have a good good chat!

Our other Thursday gallery invigilator is Tommy Mason. Tommy enjoys the gallery time because it gives him time to draw in his sketchbook, he spends all his time drawing and colouring; he is very focused. ‘I just like to draw.

Thanks to both of them, as well as all our other volunteers, for their time and dedication!




Images from top: Tommy Mason, Steven reilly, Tommy Mason's sketchbook.


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