Meet the Volunteers: Theresa Malaney



This week, let us introduce you to another fantastic volunteer: Theresa Malaney, who has been a great addition to the Aspire team.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to volunteer with Project Ability. My role is as a Printmaker, encouraging, enabling and facilitating the artists taking part in Aspire groups on Mondays.The work I see being done in these groups, the enthusiasm, passion and energy of both participants and tutors confirms my beliefs about the importance of understanding and acknowledging that the practice of each Artist is equally valid. Visual Art is a means of communication, self expression, interpretation of ourselves, our environment, emotions, beliefs.

Within Project Ability, Artists with mental health, learning disabilities and sometimes physical disabilities can utilise the space, time and resources to create their own Art Practice, and I see people being empowered by being able to make aesthetic choices, and moreover, the work created being valued for what it is- a true and significant Art Practice.

In my own practice, I am interested in exploring the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious, within self, and in relation to other. I mainly work within the media of Fine Art Printmaking, and try to experiment, expand and develop my skills within these media.

My work with the Artists taking part in Project Ability has reminded me that play is an essential part of the creative process, and also that within a limited time frame, much can be achieved."


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