Meet the Volunteers – Thomas Leyland-Collins

Meet the Volunteers – Thomas Leyland-Collins

The last block of Introduction to Film workshops just ended, and we wanted to thank our wonderful volunteer Thomas Leyland-Collins for the work he did with the group. Here he tells us a bit more about his practice and his experience at Project Ability.

” I graduated in Environmental Art from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012. Since graduating I have been developing a practice which integrates diverse elements ranging from sculptural sound installations to hosting mini FM Transmitter workshops and more recently have been exploring new techniques and materials such as bronze casting and throwing clay on a potter’s wheel.

My work explores the dialogue between sound and space. More specifically, it focuses on the relationship between the soundscape and our perception of the surrounding environment. Therefore, my work is concerned with the possibilities of how sounds are, and can be, used in a social context. Currently my practice has a focus on utilising technologies which have become redundant within the sphere of today’s consumerist society and consequently are now freely available yet still retain the potential for creative endeavour.

Volunteering at Project Ability on the evening film workshops has been an incredibly refreshing and rewarding experience, the children on the course never failed to surprise me with their fantastic imaginations for new and exciting ideas – some were quite happy to make stop motion animations with Lego whilst others had visions for magical stories recruiting others from the class to be part of their story.

All in all volunteering at Project Ability has been a truly invigorating experience and has reminded me of how important the role of art plays when growing up in terms of stimulating the imagination and satisfying that creative urge which we all inherently possess.”

Thank you Thomas! If you are interested in volunteering with Project Ability, please click here.

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