On the Road workshops: One Stop Shop in Perth

Our On the Road programme brought us to the One Stop Shop in Perth, where tutor Meredith Crone and artist Cameron Morgan delivered two workshops on bookmaking and textile.

"PA Artiste Extraordinaire Cameron Morgan and myself were recently invited to deliver a couple of workshops to a group from the One Stop Shop in Perth. It is an organisation that provides support in the area for around 120 adults with autism.



The techniques the group were keen to explore were bookmaking in an afternoon session and textiles in the evening. Their premises in Perth is an interesting building that sits like a big wedge between two converging roads – walls not far apart in places allowing plenty of natural light to flood in. Traditional and historic on the outside, but with a modern interior.  Reception and pool table downstairs, art and activities room on the second floor and IT facilities and office space on the third.

When we arrived we were warmly greeted by a group of service users, volunteers and staff. It was evident that some of the group had invested a considerable amount of time practising visual art and there were examples of very accomplished pieces of artwork on display throughout the building. The techniques that Cameron and I introduced, however,  were new to the group and they seemed to really enjoy transferring their skills to a new format. For example, people seemed familiar with the idea of collage but were enjoying applying this to fabric with iron on adhesives, and responding and being inspired by a rich and varied assortment of exotically patterned offcuts. The group decorated canvas shoulder bags with some brilliant designs.

It was interesting talking with people in the group and learning about their woodland project. I hope we can work together again in the near future. The group expressed an interest in exploring other media including feltmaking."

If you would like us to deliver a free workshop to your club or group, please get in touch at info@project-ability.co.uk or 0141 552 2822.

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