Photographer Alicia Bruce is documenting our Aspire workshops

Project Ability turned 30 this year, and one of the many ways we are marking the event is by producing a book celebrating the amazing artists who attend our Aspire workshops.

The publication will show a selection of images by photographer Alicia Bruce, who has been commissioned to capture the essence of the workshops during a two week residency. For the last week and a half, Alicia and her assistant Iain Littlejohn have been taking individual portraits of the artists in the studio, as well as group set-ups staged in the workshop.

“It has been a privilege meeting everyone, finding out about individual practices and getting to spend some one-on-one time with the artists. We heard what makes them tick and how much Project Ability means to them.

We have been made to feel very welcome, people were happy to participate in the project. We even had an impromptu karaoke session last week, with Tom Jones’ It’s not unusual!

We’ve had some really good feedback so far, it has been a great experience, very collaborative. I feel that I’ve been able to extend my own practice, it’s not just a commission.”

Many thanks to Alicia and Iain for their work and friendliness. We are looking forward to seeing the photos!

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