Platform Residency - Week 1

Project Ability artist Edward Henry is currently undertaking a residency at Platform in Easterhouse. Over a six week period, Edward will be assisted by artist Scott Lang, and will work from a studio set up in ‘The Bridge’ one day a week. He will create work which will form part of our annual painting exhibition at Platform, which is currently on display and continues until 31 July.

Scott Lang tells us a bit about Edward’s first week at Platform;

“Edward’s leg was a bit sore so we sat with The Art Factory group in the den at Platform. He had been thinking about the residency at home and had decided that he wanted to draw some of the people he has seen using the facilities.

He drew some of the beauty therapy students, in their tunics, from Glasgow Kelvin College, beside Platform. He has also seen a lot of schoolkids using the building so he painted a couple of them in their uniforms, all from memory.”

We are looking forward to seeing more from Edward’s residency over the coming weeks!

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