Platform residency - Week 2

Jonathan McKinstry's residency in Platform is halfway through now, and the artist has made a start on the big canvases.

"I’ve worked up more thumb nails in the week since my first visit and developed a plan. I’ve also dropped some images but the key elements are all still there!

I was feeling apprehensive on the way to Platform today but I knew that as soon my brush hit the canvas my nerves would cease to be and I’d soon be back in the painting zone.

By the end of the day I’d sketched in all four panels and it was a great feeling to look back across the vast space of Platform and see how well they already stand out.

I’ve tried to stick with the theme of  “Passion’ by representing a number common passions in each of my four panels; passions such as faith and spirituality, the passion for power,  a passion for communication and the ongoing passion for celebrity culture in the form of a chat show dinosaur. All four panels are underpinned by scenes from the urban environment of Glasgow representing my own passion for nature and the environment."

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