Project Ability & C-Change Present the Lennox Castle Website

On the 17th April 2012, Project Ability and C-Change launched the website

This remarkable social history project, funded by the Heritage Lottery, has brought together ex-residents, ex-staff, professionals, family and friends to share their memories of Lennox Castle Hospital. 



The project began in 2012, to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the closure of Lennox Castle Hospital and while yesterday marked the end of the project it was also the launch of the website which we hope will reach out to people far and wide who are connected to and interested in Lennox Castle. 

Lennox Castle closed ten years ago yet the impact of the hospital environment and its model of institutional care is still felt today by everyone who was connected to the place.



At the launch we heard stories from Cllr Malcolm Cunning, chairman of C-Change, Marie Christie an ex-resident, John and Sam Bryan; John was a resident at Lennox Castle Hospital and Sam is his older brother. 



After a short break when people were invited to give feedback the artists leading the project; Kate Burton, Tracy Gorman and Meredith Crone shared their experience of introducing the group to a vast array of media and artistic processes.  Elisabeth Gibson, Project Ability’s Director showcased the website and Doreen Kay an ex-resident shared her story.  Doreen’s story was followed by people who had worked at Lennox Castle Hospital and who had delivered the hospital closure programme.



“It was great to hear the patients and their families talk about the project.”

“The best part is hearing the stories and experiences of the people from the Castle.”

“Happy but a bit sad about wasted lives.”

“I didn’t like being in the castle.”

“U need 2 look inside the people.”

“ I have enjoyed Project Ability, my bad memories of Lennox Castle are away now. I have met old friends and new ones.”

“Stories – seeing end results and all the work that was put in.”

“We have a bright future!”



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