Project Ability in Bergen, Norway

On the 13th November 2013, we were invited to Bergen, Norway to speak at a conference on delivering arts and culture for people with learning disabilities. Over 100 people with learning disabilities, artists and professionals working in education and social care attended the conference which was organised by the Bergen Kommune.

On the 12th November we were the guest of the Adviser of the Art, Culture and Mental Health Department of the Bergenhus og Årstad kulturkontor Cultural Office. In 2012, the city had launched an Art, Culture and Mental Health plan and during the day we visited a number of arts and social care projects across the city who were delivering the plan's strategy. We shared our practice, working across mental health and learning disabilities sectors and also met our friends at Gallery Vox.  In February 2013 a number of artists from Project Ability contributed to their international touring postcard exhibition.

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