Project Ability On the Road – Aberdeen

Project Ability On the Road – Aberdeen

Last week, we were in Aberdeen for our Project Ability On the Road initiative. Artist Cameron Morgan and tutor Sharon Quigley delivered a book-making workshop in the One Stop Shop.

Based in Aberdeen, the ‘One Stop Shop’ is an autism advice and information centre aiming to address the severe challenges experienced by local people with autism and their families.
Situated in a lovely terraced Victorian town house, it offers counselling and therapy services as well as a space to meet and socialise with a spacious front room, to explore a range of activities.

Although there have been recent craft classes programmed on site, this was the first time that OSH had invited artists in, so the day started out as a bit of an unknown quantity for  everyone. We didn’t really know how many participants to expect, so were thoroughly delighted to have a group of 6 very keen adults who joined us for the whole three hour session.

Most of the group had never met before, which might, under other circumstances, have been awkward but it meant we could all set off on the same foot, getting to know one another during the course of the day
Cameron and I devised an informal, laid back session,creating mixed media Concertina books, drawing inspiration form Scottish wild life and flora and fauna.

We wanted to make sure that even the most reticent artist could access this activity easily by offering a really rich array of source materials and drawing implements with pre-cut collage materials for those who wanted to work quickly and cutting tools for those who felt a little more adventurous. This ready-made imagery could be collaged or transferred into the pages of the books too.
During the session one participant, who has difficulties accessing social activities, said that she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so relaxed.

We stressed that this activity could take as long and a short a time as the artist wanted  to ensure participants didn’t feel under any pressure.
It really was a very relaxing yet productive session.”

-Sharon Quigley

If you would like to book a free visual arts workshop with us, please get in touch!

Photos by Cameron Mogan

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