Project Ability seeks a Vice-Chair and new Board Members

Project Ability seeks a Vice-Chair and new Board Members

Project Ability currently has a Board of 7 directors and is looking to strengthen the Board with the addition of at least 2 new directors in the following roles.

Vice-Chair Role

Project Ability is seeking a Vice-Chair to work alongside the Chairperson and the Board.  The ideal candidate will already have extensive Board experience, ideally in an arts charity, and will be someone who is seeking an opportunity to build on this.  In addition to the Board member role, the Vice-Chair would be expected to work closely with and support the Chair, deputising when required.  Our intention is that the Vice-Chair will succeed the current Chairperson at the end of 2019.

Board Member Role

At Project Ability, we aim to have a spread of skills within our Board.  As a Board Member you will be able to offer the organisation experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas of work:

• Visual arts practice
• Learning disability
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Education and learning
• Health and social care
• Management, strategic and business planning
• Financial management
• Fund raising
• Human Resources


Our Board meets six times a year.  Board meetings are all held in the Project Ability centre at Trongate 103 and meetings start at 5.30pm.  In addition, the Board has a sub-committee of Board Members for finance and fundraising.  These sub-committees meet between board meetings to address specific matters identified by the Board.  All Board members are encouraged to join one of the sub-committees.

In new Board Members, we are keen to find people who are willing to give the necessary time and effort, to take part in events, and who are open to excellence in learning, development and training – both for themselves and others.

Board Members’ Responsibilities
Project Ability is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and has Scottish Charity status SC005226.  As a Board Member you will be a Director of the Company and a charity trustee, with a legal responsibility for overseeing its direction and policy, and for ensuring that it operates within the law and continues to fulfil its charitable purposes.

At Project Ability we make a clear distinction between “Governance” which is the overseeing responsibility of the Board, and “Management” of the organisation, which is the day to day, month by month, operational work, which is the responsibility of the staff.

The role of Board Members is to:
• ensure Project Ability operates within the limits of its Memorandum and Articles of Association
• ensure Project Ability functions within the legal and financial requirements of a company and charitable institution and complies with all relevant legislation or regulations
• agree the annual budget and decide on major resource issues
• approve the annual accounts
• appoint and review senior staff
• ensure that the work of the organisation is done effectively and efficiently, and that the people who do the work are properly managed and supported.
• monitor performance against agreed objectives and targets
• represent and promote Project Ability externally

These responsibilities fall collectively on all the Members of the Board.  In addition to these duties, each board member should use any specific, knowledge or experience they have to help the Board reach sound decisions, plan, identify key issues and provide guidance on new initiatives.

Please download an application pack and send it to Elisabeth Gibson at by Friday 02 November. 

Click here for the full recruitment advert.

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