ReConnect Website Project

ReConnect Website Project

“This January we began work on a website showcasing the ReConnect group of artists, and thanks to their enthusiasm and input we have already seen a lot of exciting developments.

So far we have focused on documenting each artist’s work to create the visual content for the site. For this I have been working with ReConnect artist Simon McAuley, setting up a mini-studio in the Project Room where Simon is doing a wonderful job of teaching the artists how to use a DSLR camera and tripod, and the importance of good lighting. What could be a rather routine task is becoming really creative, with many of the artists now approaching old work in fresh ways, and composing sculptural compositions especially for the camera.

I have also been showing brave volunteers around Photoshop, getting their images edited and ready for showing online.

In the coming weeks we will be finding ways to speak about their artwork for the individual artist pages, through creative writing, interviews amongst the group, sound recordings and video, as well as gathering material for the blog section of the site.

We hope to launch the site in early April, so keep an eye out here for updates on our progress!”
-Joanna Peace

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