ReSearch Residency June 2016 - Shireen Taylor

Shireen Taylor spent the month of June as Artist in Residence at Project Ability. Based within the Project Ability workshop, Shireen spent the month developing her practice, and new work. Here, she tells us about her experience:

"The artists’ studios at Project Ability are a wonderful place to work, with a welcoming atmosphere and a huge variety of activity. I came to the research residency with the intention of developing new sculptural directions in my practice, as well as using the opportunity to really get to see how the organisation worked for so many different artists.

It’s such a refreshing change to be in a flexible, open plan space, where any number of artists will take an interest in your work, and an even greater interest in showing you their own!  I spent much of the time making new drawings, and developing some of these into sculptural experiments.  My lack of expertise in some processes and the need to reinvent the work as I went on was treated with some amusement by some of the artists, but they were very intrigued by what I was trying to do.  

One of the tutors, Celine, took a small group of us on a walking trip to Pollock Country Park, which was a great chance to meet some of the artists not usually in on the days I was there. We visited the Giant Beech near the house, which formed the basis of a new drawing, and I took the opportunity to examine some of the ironwork and architectural details of the stables and gardens for the sculptural work I had planned.

Working in plastercine, wood and clay, I built some models for casting via silicon into wax, which will later be cast into metals such as aluminium, bronze and/or iron. I am really hoping that I might be able to invite some of the Project Ability artists to see this being done, as it can sometimes be quite a spectacle.  The finished works are intended to be included in an exhibition in the Project Room in Trongate 103 next year.

Working in the unique environment of the Project Ability studios has been an inspiring experience, and I really hope to get the chance to return and work with the artists I have met there. Thank you to everyone who I met during the residency for your friendliness, humour, and creativity. See you all again soon."

Thank you very much, Shireen! You can see Shireen's photo diary on our ReSearch Residency Instagram: @PA_Research_Residency

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