ReSearch Residency May 2016 – Florence Dwyer

ReSearch Residency May 2016 – Florence Dwyer

Florence Dwyer spent the month of May based within Project Ability‘s workshop, as artist in residence. Here, she tells us about her experience:

“I had a great time on residency at the amazing Project ability studios. From the off, I was welcomed to the space by so many interesting and friendly artists and tutors, each enthusiastic and passionate about what they were doing. It felt like the perfect environment to be in, one full of positive energy and creativity.

Throughout the month, I found myself trying out lots of fabric painting – something I’d never really done before and didn’t plan on doing. I think the diversity of the work being made in my surroundings, definitely pushed me in new directions and got me excited about materials I’d never even thought about before. Whilst I was painting, and talking with people, I thought a lot about my ‘residency’ and  position within the studios and how for that month, it felt like my ‘second home’. I liked the idea of making objects and furniture for the home within an artists studio, and started to design and envisage some of the textile pieces I was working on, being scaled-up and transformed in to functional things. Since ending the residency, I’ve managed to work on some of these ideas, so I’m really grateful for that time of experimentation.

The project ability studio was never a lonely place. People were always keen to talk about what they were working on and sharing their knowledge on processes… something that’s vital to the ethos of the whole studio. It was nice to have so many friendly faces coming up to where I was working, often asking questions and providing encouragement… something that I’ll definitely miss.

I really got a sense of how valuable this space is to so many people and I feel lucky to be able to have experienced this. I wish it could have gone on a lot longer!
Thankyou Project Ability… really hope to be back soon!”

Thank you, Florence!

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