ReSearch Room - Consuelo Servan and Jonathan McKinstry

Our current ReSearch Room project is a collaboration between artist and tutor Consuelo Servan, and Aspire artist Jonathan McKinstry.

"As an artist, I pay special attention to changes in the surrounding environment, such as variations in the quality of light. Since I moved to Glasgow I have been taking photos at dark time. I found them really inspiring, giving me a sort of comforting feeling. So in my next project I decided to use them, as I did before with another project about light: Aluzinaciones (Light Hallucinations).

I knew about Jonathan McKinstry´s work when I came to Project Ability, two and a half years ago. Since then, I admire his ability to draw effortlessly, and also his capability to create and recreate imagined worlds. He is also very into comics, as am I, but unlike him, I don´t use it on my artistic work.
So for the Research Room I proposed a collaboration with Jonathan, with the idea that he could fill up the dark of my images with some of his characters, ghosts, and impossible worlds.

We will be using only two of my dark photos, but I have made a series of screen-prints with them so we have plenty of prints on paper and fabric to experiment with.
We will see how different the same picture can be, after being intervened.

I´m also planning on writing about the Research Room project on my blog, which is about creative experiences in outsider art centres."
-Consuelo Servan

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