ReSearch Room - Doreen Kay & Celine Mcilmunn

It's hard to believe that Celine Mcilmunn and Doreen Kay have been working together on their collaborative paintings for twelve weeks now. They have been working together Thursday and Friday afternoons each week after Celine has finished working with the ReConnect groups but for the past month Doreen has also been coming in for the mornings and had a couple of hours head start.

'We finally swaped over the paintings last week, and started working on the portraits. It's good to see the blank white patches of canvas disappear" says Celine. "It's been interesting working on a collaborative project like this and negotiating how we constructed the paintings together."

The idea behind the collaboration is that each artist paint the background for the other's self-portrait.

When asked how she was enjoying the project Doreen said 'I am enjoying working beside a different tutor, just the two of us. We get on fine and it is a pleasure working with someone like Celine. It was nice to be asked to do something like this'.

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