ReSearch Room – Phoebe Barnicoat, Peter Johnston & Euan Stewart

ReSearch Room – Phoebe Barnicoat, Peter Johnston & Euan Stewart

The ReSearch Room is proving to be a very successful project! One of the artistic collaborations originating in the ReSearch Room even featured in the Glasgow Open House Art Festival. Below, Phoebe Barnicoat tells us more about her Felt-Tip Faces project with young artists Peter Johnston and Euan Stewart.

“Inspired by a drawing of Cinderella with large crab claws for hands that I saw Peter Johnston making while volunteering at Project Ability, I invited Peter and Euan Stewart to meet once a week and get together to draw with felt tips, building towards an exhibition as part of the Glasgow Open House Art Festival.

We would meet on Saturday afternoons to draw with felt tips; a medium we all love to work in. We would draw quietly, with little bursts of conversation and jokes, quite often about the misadventures of Peter’s cats.

What I found most inspiring from our weekly meetings was Euan and Peter’s relaxed approach to making art. Neither were concerned about whether their work was good, if anyone would ever see it or what any of it meant.
This made me think about how anxious the art world is.

The exhibition offered an opportunity to observe the artistic imagination working freely and meditatively, like a child, just trying things out, playing with ideas and experimenting for themselves alone. We had a fantastic response from the visitors who ended up staying for a tea and joining in doing their own felt tip drawings.”

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