Seminar and ReConnect Book Launch in the gallery!

Seminar and ReConnect Book Launch in the gallery

This past Friday Project Ability hosted a seminar and book launch as part of the Festival 2018 cultural programme. It was a pleasure to welcome everyone into the gallery, where our current show, ‘Neu Begegnung’, by artists working at the St Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin, is on display.



Festival 2018 supported Project Ability in inviting four of the Berlin artists and two staff from St Hedwig to visit the city for four days. The seminar was aimed to introduce Project Ability to our guests, and share with the public a bit about our ReConnect studios. The tutor from St Hedwig, Ms Paula Schmidt-Dudek spoke about their studio environment and the artists that work there. It was interesting to learn some of the differences and similarities between our two studios. A few artists working in Project Ability’s ReConnect studios spoke as well and a copy of the new ReConnect publication was given to each of the artists.

We ended the afternoon with tours around our workshops on the third floor, sharing with the artists from Berlin our studio and giving them an opportunity to find out more about us, and we had lots of questions for them too. We were sad to see our new friends leave, but we are very happy to have had the chance to meet them and bring their work over from Berlin. We are also delighted at the invitation to exhibit in Berlin with them next year!

A big big thank you to Festival 2018 and St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin!

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