Shop Item of the Week – Ceramic Penguins!


It’s that time of year again when these little guys start waddling out of the kiln. Our Shop Item of the Week is our newest selection of ceramic penguins! In four different glazes, and two different sizes, these little birds are all ready to fly away.

Although, as we all know, penguins can’t fly! So, are they a bird? According to the Oxford dictionary they are…. penguins can’t fly and we typically associate birds with soaring through the air. However, penguins are classified as birds (Aves) in zoological terms. They are black and white flightless seabirds of the family Spheniscidae which are found in the southern hemisphere, chiefly in the Antarctic (although several species live in more temperate regions).

You can find four of these flightless little birds in our online shop, priced at £8 and £12.

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