Shop Item of the Week – ‘Wyllie’s Paper Boat’ by Michael McMullen

Wyllie’s Paper Boat’ by Michael McMullen

Michael McMullen’s ‘Wyllie’s Paper Boat’ is our Shop Item of the Week! There is no mistaking this image! Scotland’ s treasure George Wyllie created the QM  Paper Boat  which traveled the world, but this painting is clearly portraying the QM’s time in Glasgow, evident by the Finnieston crane in the distance. It is a fantastic painting that captures a grand moment in Glasgow’s history of art. For anyone not familiar with the Paper boat, you can read more about it here…  There is also a great video that can be seen here.

At closer inspection one can begin to see not only the paper boat, but what looks like the ‘Straw Locomotive’ in the distance, suspended from the crane.


Born in Glasgow in 1921, George Wyllie first became a sailor and then a customs officer, but rapidly acquired a national and international reputation as an artist and sculptor. He is an inspiration to many artists, and, as a ‘non-art- educated artist, he helped to break down barriers around the idea of the ‘outisider’ artist. McMullen’s painting perfectly portrays the charm, humour and grandness of the ‘Paper Boat’ project,  and as a painting it celebrates Glasgow, Wyllie and the arts!

Measuring 90 x 90cm, this acrylic painting on canvas can be purchased from our gallery shop, or online, for £75. If you would like to view the painting, or see additional photographs, just let us know… 0141 552 2822,

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